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martedì 24 aprile 2012

Claus from Frankfurt and his first time in Alexander Bike Team. Today the "Dream Team" became a "Drink Team"!

That's the way to ride! Claus from Frankfurt is the biker of the day. Good job on the Valconca hills for the guy from Frankfurt, at the first Alexander's experience. Listen the video! 
  Same good ride for Wolfang, looking for shape coming in the next week. He is gonna be fit for the hot week-end, sunny, first spot of Gabicce summer
The day was starting with the classic Alexander breakfast, Roberto and Claudio looking good ...pretty much fancy :-) 
 The weather along the tour a little bit windy , blowing from the hills and sourrounding landscape. But doesn't matter. The "Dream Team", sorry it's better "Drink Team", was riding and escaping from the black clouds. Joseph got the traditional two cups of prosecco in Mondaino pit stop, the guys some beer along the way back! This is the reason we are proud to be a really Drink Team! 

What's going on the Alexander Bike Hotel tomorrow? we will se in the night. No rush, just enjoy the bike day...

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