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lunedì 3 settembre 2012

Greetings from Belgium to Alexander: Frank, Joke, Vita and Gustav coming back home after their summer holiday in Gabicce

Dear Hotel Alexander,
Dear Cynthia and Roberto, Next Monday school starts again for our children in Belgium.
That is really the end of the holidays! We would like to thank you for the wonderful week we had in july in your hotel. We were tired and nervous when we arrived, too much work, too much sorrows.
But you made us feel at ease and we found rest and pleasure !
Roberto is really a great and warm 'padrone'.
We hope you had a great august and have a great end of summer !
We ended our trip in Italy in Rome, sended you our best wishes at the
Trevi-fountain and arrived safely at home !
Mille grazie en spero a presto !
Many, many greetings,

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