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sabato 25 giugno 2022

It's hot!!!

Ecco la soluzione per smorzare il caldo insistente di questi giorni!!!
Cosa ne dite?

Here is the solution to dampen the unbeliveable heat of these days !!!
Do you like it?

mercoledì 22 giugno 2022

22. 06. 2022


Guida: Fabri
Partenza: 09.00
Km: 70
Dislivello:  1.000 mt
Velocità: 22/24
Bike Tour:  Gabicce - Candelara - Novilara - Pesaro - Panoramica - Gabicce

lunedì 20 giugno 2022

Bike Nonstop Us

 Il 64enne Giampiero Monti è prese con quella che lui ha definito “la gara della vita”, la competizione Bike Nonstop Us 2022. E' l'unico italiano su 10 partecipanti, in una gara che ha tutta l’aria di dimostrarsi un’impresa epica: 3.500 miglia su terreno misto, circa 5.600 chilometri attraverso 12 stati.

 Partito domenica da Portland in Oregon, l'arrivo è previsto a Washington DC, a metà luglio. Fedele compagna in questa impresa è la sua gravel Cannondale Topstone Carbon, ma fondamentali saranno la determinazione, il coraggio e la preparazione atletica.

La scintilla è scoccata circa 22 anni. Anno 2000, l'inizio della passione per le due ruote a pedali con una bici ereditata dal padre. Da li in avanti ha accumulato migliaia di chilometri sulle gambe, fino ad avventurarsi in vere autentiche imprese che ora custodisce nel cuore. 

Dal 2017, quando portò a termine la prima edizione della North Cape 4000 alla Vienna-Barcellona e alla "Due Vulcani", dal Vesuvio all'Etna. Monti la scorsa primavera ha portato a termine una nuova sfida: la Italy Divide, l'evento di bikepacking più sorprendente al mondo: 1250 chilometri sulle gambe ed oltre 22mila metri di dislivello. 

The 64-year-old Giampiero Monti is caught up in what he called "the race of life", the Bike Nonstop Us 2022 competition. He is the only Italian out of 10 participants, in a race that looks like a feat epic: 3,500 miles over mixed terrain, approximately 5,600 kilometers across 12 states.

 He left Portland, Oregon on Sunday, and is expected to arrive in Washington DC in mid-July. His gravel Cannondale Topstone Carbon is his faithful companion in this endeavor, but determination, courage and athletic preparation will be fundamental.

The spark struck about 22 years. Year 2000, the beginning of the passion for two-wheeled pedals with a bike inherited from his father. From then on he has accumulated thousands of kilometers on his legs, up to venture into real real enterprises that he now keeps in his heart.

Since 2017, when he completed the first edition of the North Cape 4000 at the Vienna-Barcelona and at the "Due Vulcani", from Vesuvius to Etna. Last spring, Monti completed a new challenge: the Italy Divide, the most surprising bikepacking event in the world: 1250 kilometers on the legs and over 22 thousand meters in altitude.

domenica 19 giugno 2022

19. 06. 2022


Guida: Sandro
Partenza: 09.00
Km: 75
Dislivello:  1.000 mt
Velocità: 20/22
Bike Tour:  Borghi & Castelli

giovedì 16 giugno 2022

HOTEL ALEXANDER REVIEW – The Search for the Perfect Cycling Trip is Over By Debra Lebish


Q: Do you want to cycle abroad, ideally in Italy? 
A: Who doesn’t!!!
Q: Do you want a hotel where EVERY ROOM has an ocean view balcony?
A: Yes, please!
Q: How about high-end bikes and professional cycling guides? 
A: I thought you’d never ask! Look no further than the legendary Hotel Alexander in Gabicce Mare, Italy! 

There can be many reasons why you can’t join the official 2022 Wheelmen cycling trip to northern Italy (Gabbice Mare is in central Italy on the Adriatic coast)…maybe you already have something planned during that time, perhaps the trip is already full, or you can’t commit to 3 weeks. Whatever the reason, with Hotel Alexander you get all the benefits of a Wheelmen-approved cycling holiday and you travel on your schedule. You have no doubt heard the hotel’s rave reviews from other Wheelmen, and probably from other cyclists that you know. Now here’s the rest of the story… 

The HOTEL The Hotel Alexander is a medium-sized family run hotel with around 80 rooms. Each room has a sizeable balcony with a view of the ocean; the room is well appointed and has a mini-bar. The staff is very helpful and friendly and can assist as a concierge does – train schedules, shopping, taxis, winery visits, and the like. They truly want to help.
Did I mention that the beach is RIGHT THERE, mere meters away?
The hotel’s food is FRESH and high quality. Think sun-kissed tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, greens and tons of other fruits and vegetables. Ripe and juicy peaches, pears, and nectarines in season. Seafood at its best, such as barbequed tuna, seemingly just plucked from the ocean. Plenty of pasta and protein to please any cyclist.
OH, and the wine is benissimo

The Hotel Alexander has so many wonderful attributes, it’s easy to gush with praise. Both the facility and the service make the Hotel Alexander the perfect destination for a vacation, either on its own or combined with other European travels. Its location near Bologna makes it easy to get to by train, plane or automobile.

The CYCLING The cycling around Gabicce Mare has something to please every rider. Long rides, short rides, hills, rollers, flats – it’s all there. The professional, personable and experienced cycling guides know all the roads and routes to make each day’s ride better than the last and they know the best places to grab an espresso, snack or lunch when that time rolls around.
Stops at wine and cheese tastings are frequently on the schedule, as are unique towns and culture. 

The Hotel Alexander offers high-end road bike rentals and most riders are more than satisfied with their hired “steed” and thus there is no need to travel with your own bike. This means no bike disassembly or packing, moving it around the airport and otherwise transporting, repacking, or re-assembly. Save those Airline fees (often $400 or more!) and protect your fancy bike from travel damage by renting directly from the hotel. And enjoy the flexibility of not traveling with your bike – you’re freed up to move about Europe and the airport without that big and clumsy bike box!

I highly recommend Hotel Alexander because it checks all the boxes – location, nice rooms, wonderful fresh food, great riding and roads, beautiful scenery, excellent service and guides, bikes, beach, friendly staff. But don’t just take my word for it - the hotel was awarded the 2021 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.
Also, many Wheelmen are repeat hotel guests. You want climbing? It’s there, plenty of it! Prefer tamer terrain? You bet! How about coastal views and fresh ocean air? Yes, it’s yours! And castles on hills and vineyards for miles?
No problem! 

Roberto and his team make it easy to book a trip because they know what Wheelmen want! No need to make a bazillion calls and send and follow up on multiple emails trying to orchestrate your trip requirements in another language…finding and renting a high-end bike, a car or other transportation, a cycling and tourist guide, dinner reservations, wine and cheese tasting appointments, etc.
Honestly, Hotel Alexander is a fantastic place and as a bonus and it is a great value. Outfitters that provide a similar experience charge up to $10,000/week.

Contact Roberto or Camilla today to schedule your vacation, you’ll be glad you did.

venerdì 10 giugno 2022

10. 06. 2022


Guida: Sandro
Partenza: 09.00
Km: 92
Dislivello:  750 mt
Velocità: 18/20
Bike Tour:  Gabicce - Riccione - Verucchio - Gabicce

Guida: Fabri
Partenza: 08.30
Km: 90
Dislivello:  1000 mt
Velocità: 18/20
Bike Tour:  Gabicce - Verucchio - Gabicce

mercoledì 8 giugno 2022

08. 06. 2022

Guida: Fabio
Partenza: 08.30
Km: 52
Dislivello:  100 mt
Velocità: 18/20
Bike Tour:  Gabicce - Rimini - Barbecue in spiaggia - Gabicce 

Guida: Fabri
Partenza: 08.30
Km: 70
Dislivello:  800 mt
Velocità: 18/20
Bike Tour:  Gabicce - Novilara - Candelara - Pesaro - Panoramica - Barbecue in spiaggia - Gabicce 

Barbecue in spiaggia

Guida: Sandro
Partenza: 09.00
Km: 70
Dislivello:  800 mt
Velocità: 18/20
Bike Tour:  Gabicce - Montefabbri - Urbino - Corte della Miniera