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lunedì 29 luglio 2013

Christoph e Kristel from Belgium enjoying the Alexander's Bike Passion ...thanks to the Grandma :-)

Here they are! The belgian cycling tradition is living in Alexander's bike summer experiences. Christoph e Kristel, a young nice couple from Flanders with a cute 6 years old girl! This is their second season in Alexander Bike Hotel just came on 21 july coming back home tomorrow. The Marien family got some rides together around Gabicce and the Marche & Romagna hills, Christoph with his bike, Kristel rented one Bianchi Infinito from the hotel. It was a good time for both, enjoying the Alexander bike passion ....and thanks to the grandma from Belgium watching the daughter as a babysitter while Christoph e Kristel  were riding! See you soon guys! 

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