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lunedì 16 settembre 2013

Greetings from Luxemburg's bike friends!

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo con molto piacere la mail ricevuta dagli amici ciclisti del Lussemburgo Chantal e Robert, nostri clienti fedelissimi dell'Alexander, sempre presenti nei mesi primaverili a pedalare con noi e degustare del buon vino! 
  "Hi Cinzia, Hi Roberto, Hope all of you are in a good shape, despite, we guess, a very busy season up to now ! We just wanted to say hello and thank you very much for the exquisite wine bottle! Apparently, the parents and their friends had a great vacation in Hotel Alexander these last one and a half weeks :-) According to them you and your team have to be nominated for the first prize in hospitality !!! Attached you will find some pictures from the BIL Cycling Team's stay in Hotel Alexander in April/May. Have a great season's "finale" and say hello also to Elvis, Eleonora, Ugo, and everybody else from the Hotel Alexander Team. Mille grazie, hope to see you soon again". 
Chantal & Robert

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