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martedì 15 aprile 2014

A nice "swedish bike week"end at Gabicce: the Sky Blue Team from Stockholm riding with the Alexander's cycling passion! See u soon girls :-)

Twenty girls, twenty good nice swedish riders joined with us the Alexander bike passion! This is the story of the Sky Blue Team from Stockholm, a new group from the capital, a new bike challenge from Sweden. Some of them just started up cycling, first experience with their Bianchi bicycle.  
Some (as the girl in the photo below) very famous! She is Susanne Ljungskok, an ex professional rider, the best in the Sweden cycling history with two gold medal in the world cycling pro championship 2002-2003 editions. 
 Now Susanne is the trainer of the Sky Blue Team, following the girls with her precious advices in their bike tours. First day in Gabicce was a bike "warm up" going to 40km ride to Panoramica Road with the guides Claudio and Andrea. A nice atmosphere a good feeling and a fantastic weather pretty much warm than Stockholm :-)
 Second day ride to Mondaino, Saludecio and Valconca valley, some climbs and a works out with the bike on the roads. In the afternoon a guided visit to a famous wine factory in Ancona joining the italian and Marche region lifestyle. 
 Third ride on saturday splitting the groups: one to San Marino, the slower to Fano, a flat road 60km to get the best icecream at Pino Bar and having fun all together. 
 And in the night the classic Alexander special dinner and then the Elvis guitar rock show! Looking forward seeing you soon in Gabicce Sky Blue Team ! You are always welcome!

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