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giovedì 24 dicembre 2020


It keeps the wearer safe at dusk/night time. Car drivers are alerted by your presence. The LED signal lets motorists know where you are going next.

 Four different signals give all nearby drivers a clear and bright indication on what the riders intentions are. Left turn, right turn, hazard and cycling are all very clear signals to understand for all drivers and leaves riders far less likely of collisions with careless drivers.

The Led display flashes the signals on the 175mm by 120mm display screen and last up to 20 hours with continous use.

 Designed with nylon fabric our back pack is lightweight (365g) and water proof keeping the display dry. The straps are also customised to be breathable to ensure the cyclist does not over heat when the back back is fastened tightly.

 The wireless control easily attaches to the handle bar of the bike and makes it very easy to change signal by the flick of a thumb. There is also a accelerometer which when detecting a substantial braking force will also instantly diplay the hazard signal to alert drivers of braking

The back pack can hold up to 20L and has two additional holders on the outside to securely hold water bottles.

This could be also a perfet last minute Xmas gift!!!

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