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martedì 14 marzo 2023

Jeroboam series 2023

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime: up to 300Km gravel rides!

The 300 km jeroboam, 150 km magnum and 75 km standard offer a perfect blend of physical challenge and fun on fantastic gravel roads while the 37.5 km demi family ride is open to cyclists of all ages.

 The event takes its name from the fact that the first Jeroboam event was held in Franciacorta, an italian area famous for its sparkling wine.

Not just riding, but also spending time with friends and other cycling enthusiasts. Jeroboam events always feature an expo area and a space to socialize with good music and interesting stories.

Cycling means burning a lot of calories and we are not convinced an energy bar or gel is the best way to refuel. Good food and lots of drink options never lack in the Jeroboam village.

It is well known that there is no better cure for insomnia than a long ride. To sleep like a baby, but also to fully experience the atmosphere of the event, you can pitch your tent in the camping area, free for all participants.

Join the Rimini serie from Aprile 29, 2023 to May 1, 2023.
The Jeroboam will also cross our beloved San Bartolo!

Mirco Montalti and Roberto Valli (both born in Rimini) are the palnners of this event, cycling enthusiasts and great connoisseurs of the area.
They come from two different schools, road and MTB and then together discovered the pleasure of pedaling in a different way.
Almost as a joke, they first approached and then fell in love with the Gravel world, this incredible vehicle that manages to give you unparalleled versatility and freedom.
In the last period they have dedicated their free time to create the traces of the first edition of Jeroboam Rimini.

They’ve done the hard work, now it's your turn!

Check the official web site and book this experience of lifetime!

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