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mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Got Monte Altaveglio with Rolph from Zurich, the Swedish team, Detleft and Claus

Another brick in the Alexander bike wall! Today amazing bike tour to some Marche hills, Montegridolfo, Tavoleto, Auditore, Monte Altaveglio and coffee break in Mercatino Conca.
Good day, good riders, and a new entry for our blog: it's Rolph from Zurich a very strong rider from Zurich, with good bike experience and  feeling with Italy and Gabicce. (see the video below)

"It's my first time here - he told us on the road - i was last year in Cesenatico, but here it's really the best for riding, the hills are close from Alexander, no traffic, no stress, very good bike holiday".
In the group the swedish guys and Leonard who got a tough and steep climb on Montegridolfo, challenging himself getting a bike hero!
Claus, Detleft from Germany, same pride and strenght in the other climbs. "My legs are quite tired - said Claus - but i have to do my job keep going my fantastic bike week in Alexander".
Andrea, the journalist-guide, never stopping to do pictures and videos, a really "nightmare" for the guest :-), was running on the top of the group, never give up his pass and blogger spirit!
In Tavoleto a nice stop in the water fountain, a kind of monument for the cyclists! We will come back there!
Tomorrow short ride and a food and wine party at Tenuta del Monsignore...please don't get drunk's a really nice doc wine. Next post is about Claudio&Helmut trek rides...they are enjoying everyday with four german guests on the marche agriturismo

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