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mercoledì 25 novembre 2020


PodRide is the all weather, four wheel e-bike, that looks like a car.

With PodRide you can cycle anywhere, your way.
Ride in comfort, improve your health, save money, and care for the environment.

PodRide’s electric motor allows you to adjust the level of assist, to travel further, easier, and conquer the hills. It is the most practical all weather bike around.
There’s even room for a child passenger or your groceries.

PodRide has reinvented the bicycle to meet today’s urban mobility needs - enabling wider adoption. 

The bicycle is the most efficient form of transport on the planet; PodRide makes it better by adding stability, e-performance, IOT smart-tech and weather protection.

PodRide is designed to empower you!

PodRide can handle standard, paved or dirt roads. Whether you ride to work or go on week-end adventures, PodRide is up to the job. Freedom starts here.!
Cycling is easy with PodRide's electric motor support. Ride to work without the sweat! Adjust the level of motor assist to travel further and conquer the hills.

In addition to weather protection, enjoy PodRide's fully cushioned seat. It's like a sofa on wheels. Who'd have thunk cycling could be so gosh darn comfortable?
Visibility is a key safety aspect when cycling. PodRide stands out! It's a lot easier to see than a regular bike. You're also on 4 wheels which is very stable.

Being green has never been easier!

By choosing PodRide, you take positive action to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a better place.

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