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mercoledì 21 ottobre 2020

Rocket Ebike

It is the first eBike with 100-mile range, regenerative braking, all-terrain tires and a compact foldable frame.

Rocket Bike is born and bred in Belfast, UK. By us: a group of tight knit friends. They have backgrounds in: industrial design, mechanical engineering and supply chain management. They met each other as colleagues with a shared interest in electric modes of transportation.

The founder Georg used to work to in the renewable technology sector. They all sat down for a beer and talked about a big change taking place: Electric cars becoming mainstream. But why only cars? They believe anyone should use electric modes of transportation.

Especially bikes: that’s precisely why their product was born. Rocket Bike is the product they desired, but that didn’t exist yet. They decided to join the mission of making electric modes of transportation an option for any lifestyle.

The biggest challenge for the team has been to find ways to manufacture our electric bike with high quality: while at the same time being able to offer it at a reasonable price. Electric bikes of high quality can be incredibly expensive to manufacture. they’ve had to spend a lot of time sourcing the right components and make manufacturing as efficient as possible down to the smallest details. This is to ensure Rocket Bike is affordable without having to sacrifice its high quality or performance.

Fast forward over one year of R&D. They have developed the Rocket Bike frame fully from scratch and have perfected the regenerative braking system and optimized the engine. They have carefully sourced the best quality components. The result: the most smooth and efficient electric bike you can find.

Commute to work, ride mountain trails or cruise the beach—Rocket eBike takes you anywhere you want to go with ease.
High quality and fully-spec'd bikes are expensive, and affordable bikes have low-quality materials or poor design. They cut out the middleman and created the coolest affordable eBike that has all the features you want packaged in a bold, record-setting-performance design.

Rocket eBike is a faithful steed on long-distance adventures. With a range that’s 3x the industry standard, you can embark on any adventure without worrying about your eBike dying halfway through.
It is rear-wheel drive with either a 250W (EU buyers) or 750W (US buyers) engine from Bafang with high torque and uphill efficiency.
Plus, it has Cruise Control! Switch it on and when the bike has the same speed for 5 seconds, it locks in that speed and you turn it off by braking.

Rocket eBike is perfect for any rider or occasion. It gives you the freedom to go longer than ever before, over any terrain. 

This weatherproof ride can tough out the rain, rocky trails and sand, and still give you a smooth city commute. Take this baby to work or on a long biking adventure and trust that you can cruise home when your energy is running low. 

"Our mission is for Rocket Bike to be a leading global brand in the eBike field and set the trend for fun as well as innovative modes of transportation."

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